We are group of ordinary paragliding pilots who just want to represent their region as a favorite paragliding spot in Serbia in the best way possible.

 The Zlatibor mountain area, with its altitude and landscape can easily be considered the best place in the Balkans that is God-given for paragliding.

 Throughout the history, Zlatibor mountain was well- known as Austrian and German pilot training center, especially in period between two World Wars. In the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Aviation’s headquarters were also stationed there. Fact that first pilots who flew for the Air Force of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, previously educated in France were from this region, is eminent. In April 1941, there were even two military airports, Tatojevica near Pozega and Preljina near Cacak, and they were governed by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

 Entire story of our project has been launched in 2005 when brothers Smiljanic from Zlatibor area, have founded sailing club named “AVIS” as well as paragliding school which operated within the club.

In 2012 we assembled for the purpose of new idea. That new idea is to offer support to paragliding pilots from all over the world who are visiting our country and wish to enjoy flying with us.

 (2015) we are very proud of the bumpy ride and all the hardship we endured as a team. Using previous experience as well as requests from loyal customers we expanded and accommodated our offer. Now we have 6+1 package of programs and also stay assured that we will do our best to meet your additional requests.

Today on the end of 2018 team is is united for all activities (Paragliding and manufacture XYZParaGear).

Aleksandar Cirkovic

founder of project
paragliding instructor

tandem paragliding pilot



    Born 7th January 1976, the Orthodox Christmas. As founder of the project completed in 2012 with the story of his professional engagement as a webmaster and graphic designer.

    2007 first encounters the paraglider with excellent instructors and Zoran Petrovic brothers and friends Smiljanić hopefully become paraglider pilot. And of these people I learned most of what we now know about paragliding today.

    My task in team and the project is to provide you a pleasant stay and great being part of and I hope most of flying :) Of course coordinate your vacation, be yours guide  via project, and if need tandem pilots for yours friends (friends of my friends are my friends too:))



Dušan Smiljanic

cofounder of project
paragliding pilot

The whole story about this our project was initiated just by Dusan Smiljanića, head of Pancakes Phenix Lake from the Zlatibor :) Probably the best services in the center !!!

As in their work, and the project was given policy that we have more or less successfully realized.


Ivan Neskovic

paragliding pilot

The right hand of the front man :)



Sead Huric

paragliding pilot

Advisor of front man:)



Milan Jeftic

paragliding pilot

The first logistic man



Zoran Bojovic

Tandem passenger

The first tandem assistance




Sport Union “Arilje extreme sport`s”
Svetog Ahilija 20
31230 Arilje, Serbia
+381 63 691 729

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