Paragliding take-off the mountain Cigota - Zlatibor near the military facility and that is why we call it the Army. It is located at 43 ° 38'42 .02 "N 19 ° 46'37 .56" E at 1386 MSL.
   Take-off Army Northside is safety dimensioning for wind from NortWest up to North East. It is ideal for soaring with wind 4-5 m/s. And for that is very easy for top landing.
   That start is ideal for Cross Country flights, too.
   The first landing place is for beginners and it is visible from the take-off point. But if you land there you must be prepared to walk 1.4 km to the re-transport point :(
   The second landing place is on the right side of the take-off point and he isn`t visible fully. And that is only for intermediate pilots who know how to land in a small area. It can be a little bit R'N'R in the summer in the middle of the day.
   The third landing place is on the village Rakovica and it is optical visible from the take-off point but it is not for beginners (maybe if instructors are on the landing and it is the first half of the day)
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